BCL High Noon Ruleset

This version (High Noon tournament) is similar to the standard competitive BCL ruleset, differing largely in its weapon selection. This is a secondary only tournament, with only Revolvers allowed (this does not include the Snub 260). The team item pool, gear selection, format, and restrictions have not been changed from the standard BCL competitive ruleset.

This is an 8 team tournament, starting July 29th at 13:00 Eastern Daylight Time.

Registrations will be open July 22nd at 13:00 Eastern Daylight Time, on playbcl.com. First come, first serve.

Registrations will close at 23:59, July 28th, or when 12 teams have registered (8 participating teams, plus 4 waitlisted teams) -- whichever comes first.

Brackets will be created after a live lottery on July 29th, just prior to the tournament start.

Teams will be required to check-in one hour prior to the start of the tournament; failure to check-in will result in disqualifaction and replacement by another team. The check-in will be conducted in the BCL Discord server, located at chat.playbcl.com, in the appropriate text channel (#check-in). Only the team representative will be allowed to check-in, unless explicit permission is given by the team representative.


5 vs 5 DOM

The victor is determined by the best of 3 matches. Each 11-minute match is played on a different map from the rotation below.

Note: Tournament finals and semi-finals will be determined by the best of 5 matches, unless otherwise specified. Matches are set to 11 minutes to bypass a post-parity server glitch.

Map rotation

Note: Voteskipping maps is prohibited, unless agreed upon by both team leaders (in consultation with a referee, if applicable). Maps may be presented in a different order from that mentioned above.


Any weapon may be picked up from players during combat. Players are allowed to switch weapon loadouts during the match, provided no other players on their team have the same loadout equipped at the time.

Notes and Restrictions

Graphics created by ZeroArmada