BCL Ruleset Revision 18

BCL Competitive Ruleset

This version (Rev 18) is considerably different from previous rulesets. Class-based play has been replaced by a team item pool, where each player must select a unique receiver from among those available. The AR is no longer banned in competitive play. Two maps have been removed from the rotation (Seaport and Containment), until further notice.

Please see the Administrative Ruleset for clarification on disqualification criteria, eligibility for participation, and procedural guidelines.


5 vs 5 DOM

The victor is determined by the best of 3 matches. Each 11-minute match is played on a different map from the rotation below.

Note: Tournament finals and semi-finals will be determined by the best of 5 matches, unless otherwise specified. Matches are set to 11 minutes to bypass a post-parity server glitch.

Map rotation

Note: Voteskipping maps is prohibited, unless agreed upon by both team leaders (in consultation with a referee, if applicable).


Any weapon may be picked up from players during combat. Players are allowed to switch weapon loadouts during the match, provided no other players on their team have the same loadout equipped at the time.

Notes and Restrictions

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